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COVID-19 has gotten the attention of people across the globe. It is leaving a devastating trail of death and heartache, but at some point it will abate and be relegated to the pages of history, as all pandemics do. However, raising animals for food is literally decimating our planet and will only get worse until we put an end to it. Animal Agriculture is a top contributor to climate chaos and is the leading cause of water use, water pollution, topsoil loss, rainforest destruction, habitat loss and species extinction. All credible environmental groups and science institutions have come out in support of plant-based foods.

With the world adding over one million people every five days, it is inevitable that we are forced to make this desperately needed transition. The good news is you don’t have to wait for government intervention or for investments of trillions of dollars to do something about it TODAY. It doesn’t cost a penny and can have an immediate effect on the planet, your health and on the animals of the world. As the National Academy of Sciences says, “Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most powerful choices an individual can make in mitigating environmental degradation and depletion of Earth’s natural resources.

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