A word from: Homewise

  1. Homewise is a local lender offering loan financing toward adding solar panels to their home.
  2. Homewise is climate conscious when building new communities and homes:
    • Homewise Homes @Tessera
      • Voted Most Efficient in 2019 Parade of Homes
      • Energy and Water Efficiency
        • Energy efficient, cost effective forced air heating with refrigerated air conditioning
        • Andersen® Dual-Pane Low-E windows save energy and are easy to maintain
        • Recirculating hot water pump that primes the lines with water to reduce waste, or on demand hot water system
        • Drip irrigation for low water usage
        • Native plant landscaping in front yard saves water naturally
        • Whirlpool® ENERGY STAR® appliances
        • ENERGY STAR® interior light fixtures for lower electric bills
        • Kohler® faucets are Water Sense-rated for water-waste reduction
        • High energy-efficient combination boiler and water heater
    • Homewise Homes @ El Camino Crossing
      • New community with all solar Condos and Live/Work Units
      • New appliances are energy efficient
      • Centrally located walkable and bike-able community
  3. Homewise has an internal “Green Team” collaborating with staff to keep Homewise a Green Organization:
    • Meets regularly to evaluate what we can do to be climate conscious as an organization.
    • Provides and multiple recyclable waste location around the office and ensures all items are properly disposed.
      • Paper waste
      • Cardboard waste
      • Aluminum waste
      • Plastic waste
      • Glass waste
      • Electronic/tech waste
    • Monthly and Quarterly reminders during all staff meetings discussing
      • Ways to avoid unnecessary waste
      • Paper usage
      • Water usage
      • Office building energy usage