Current Job or Internship Openings

Railyard Park Community Engagement – Americorp VISTA

The Railyard Park Conservancy is looking to fulfill a 1-year Americorp VISTA position for those interested in Community Engagement, specifically in the non-profit sector.

•Create successful partnerships, collaborations, and connections with organizations
•Implement a monthly community service day for court-mandated community service.
•Facilitate a youth or teen-led research project in the park.
•Grow the compost quantity and quality, identify best practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with the City
•Reach new school groups of all ages and host them for field trips to the park.
•Create a Children’s Committee that is representative of Santa Fe’s larger demographics.
•Participate in CEN’s collaborative opportunities
•Repainting and restoration of Community Room spaces Community garden plot management with individuals or groups, including weekly and monthly workshop
•Establish key individuals to strengthen ongoing partnership opportunities at Youth Shelters, Youth Works, Shelters, Food Depot, and others.
•Assist in researching grant opportunities for funding of projects as well as operating support.

**Bachelor’s degree preferred or applicable experience and interest. **
**Local Applicants Preferred. Access to Bike/Vehicle needed**

For more information, and to apply:

There are no current job openings at this time. However, we are always looking for internship opportunities from those who are looking to gain non-profit community outreach-oriented experience. Contact us for more information.