The Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe

A word from: The Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe

The Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe is a nonprofit 501c3 group founded in 1998.  Our mission is to encourage the creation and use of Labyrinths as a path of healing, inspiration, and peace.  There are many public and private Labyrinths in the Santa Fe area, including Railyard Park near the children’s playground, Unity Inter-Spiritual Center, Frenchy’s Field, St. Bede’s Church, Santa Fe Yoga Community Center and others.  You can find information about Labyrinths throughout the world at

Engaging in Labyrinth walking quite literally impacts the Earth with the minimal carbon footprint within our bodies and feet.  This activity requires no special equipment, no specific training, and under normal circumstances,​can be done alone or with others.  Labyrinth walking, especially outdoors, increases our connection to and consciousness of the Earth.  It often has a slowing effect on our bodies, minds and spirits which helps to bring us into the present moment and allows for a greater appreciation of our Earth and our lives. 

In addition to ​organizing and facilitating Labyrinth walks, our group and other Labyrinth walkers help to maintain the Labyrinths, including removing trash and debris from these sites.  Many of the Labyrinths are built and maintained from naturally-occurring materials from the local area. One of the best examples is the handmade adobe Labyrinth at Frenchy’s Field

We encourage you to explore Labyrinth walking at one of the public Labyrinths.  We hope you can join us for future Labyrinth walks at Railyard Park or other nearby Labyrinths. 

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