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A word from: Santa Fe Watershed

Even though our lives have all drastically changed in the last month, one thing that remains the same is our dependence on a healthy and functioning water cycle. Water is the essential ingredient that links our physical bodies, our imaginations, our land, and our entire Earth. All our actions—from brushing our teeth and turning on a light, to how we take care of our soil, to systemic racism, to voting and investing—relate to water. It can be overwhelming, but also empowering. So what can you do to help make access to clean water, hydrated landscapes, and climate justice a reality for everyone? Every action, on every scale, helps!

Practice gratitude for all the ways water helps you live a healthy, happy life. Our watershed is sacred!

Think about where your water comes from, and where it’s going. When we think like the water cycle, it’s easy to see how we’re all connected. What are the ways you interact with water, and how can you improve your relationship with water?

Conserve water, and think about your role in the water cycle. Just starting out? There are lots of easy and small changes you can make! Then you can think a little more broadly, and work outwards from there.

Protect water by keeping it clean and keeping it local. Some helpful ways you can protect our water in the Santa Fe River watershed are to: clean up trash, recharge groundwater, plant native and water-friendly species, and reduce your use of chemical detergents, soaps, cleaners, and medications. Becoming a scientist, politician, or community activist who works to make sure our waterways are clean and healthy is super important too!

Promote justice and equity. Science, compassion, reliable information, and political involvement are key to overcoming these challenges.

Remember, water is life!

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