Renga Project

The Renga Project was situated in the Railyard Park. Renga is an ancient traditional collaborative form of poetry from Japan. Poets write a short stanzaresponding to what has come before it. The Renga Project was written by 50 New Mexico poets. Each season of the year began with a 6 stanza poem, with the first of these being written by Poet Laureate Jon Davis. As a new poet responded to the original poem, the old stanzas were removed and so on. The poems (and drawings created in response) are available for purchase in book form here.


Britta Andersson, Helena Andolsek, Erin Bad Hand, Will Barnes, Amy Beeder, Hakim Bellamy, Sherwin Bitsui, Sonja Bjelić, Chee Brossy, Paige Buffington, Chuck Calabreze, Lauren Camp, Deborah Casillas, Ungelbah Davila, Jon Davis,  Matt Donovan, Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Jamie Figueroa, Ann Filemyr, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Greg Glazner, Lise Goett, Veronica Golos, Gabe Gomez, Richard Greenfield, Renée Gregorio, Joy Harjo, Elizabeth Jacobson, Christopher J. Johnson, Stephanie N. Johnson,  Donald Levering, Dana Levin, Jane Lin,  Monty Little, Joan Logghe,  Jessica Helen Lopez, Valerie Martinez, Dora McQuaid, Carol Moldaw, Malena Mörling,  Sawnie Morris, dg nanouk okpik, Margaret Randall, Jamie Ross, Miriam Sagan, Henry Shukman, Jonathan Skinner, James Thomas Stevens, Catherine Strisik, Leslie Ullman,  Connie Voisine


Terry Allen, Ernest Bell, Jeff Benham, Charlie Carrillo, Claire Coté, Lisa de St. Croix, Luke Dorman, Nina Elder, Alexandra Eldridge, Betsy Emil, Danny Green, Fran Hardy, Karina Hean, Bart Johnson, Juan Kelly, Caity Kennedy, Celeste LaForme, Katherine Lee, Joanne Lefrak, David Leigh, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Nina Mastrangelo, Elizabeth McNitt, Eliza Naranjo Morse, David Nakabayashi, Joel Nakamura, Timothy Nero, Gene Newman, Lara Nickel, Larry Bob Phillips, Ron Pokrasso, Prakash, Gail Rieke, Janet Stein Romero, Sam Scott, SCUBA, Rose Simpson, Gerry Snyder, Mark Spencer, Rick Stevens, Linda Swanson, Gina Trujillo & Sonya Gonzales, Peter Voshefski, Erika Wanenmacher, Jerry Wellman, Kappy Wells, Jerry West, Todd Ryan White, Robin D. Williams, Cedra Wood, Debby Young, Greta Young

Axle Contemporary

Housed in the back of a custom retrofitted 1970 aluminum stepvan, Axle Contemporary is an art gallery on wheels. We exhibit installation art, performance, works on paper, including photography, drawing, and painting, and occasionally sculpture. Our mobility allows us to visit both typical art venues and unusual ones, such as schools, empty lots, restaurants, grocery stores,and city streets.

Our 6′ x 10′ exhibition space features high wood ceilings, exposed beams, track lighting and a magnetically based system for displaying unframed works on paper.

Axle Contemporary was founded in 2010 by artists Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, as a collaborative work of art, and an innovative vehicle for arts distribution.  It has since grown beyond the confines of the mobile exhibition space, and also includes book publishing, and alternative methods of creation and dissemination of contemporary arts in the public sphere.  Axle Contemporary is supported in part by Axle Projects, Inc, a 501 (c)(3) corporation , which is made possible by your donations.  Learn more about Axle Projects here