The Railyard Park Conservancy is committed to providing educational opportunities to all members of our community. Discover the variety of educational programming offered at the Railyard Park, from Sand Play Saturday to a Poetry Workshop Series, in person field trips to online activities for kids at home, and more!

Click below for more information about the educational programming offered in the Railyard Park.


We love hanging out in the park! Experience the Railyard Park Conservancy’s educational offerings from home or get inspired for what’s to come. Read on for more!

Queen Bee’s Kids Sing Along

QUEEN BEE KIDS SING ALONGS IN THE RAILYARD PARK Get those kids singing, moving, and shaking! Join weekly Kids Sing Alongs with Queen Bee Music Association and the Railyard Park Conservancy.

The Lost Words

THE LOST WORDS PROJECT This project is inspired by a book called The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The poems and paintings in the book focus on nature

Scavenger Hunt

RAILYARD PARK SCAVENGER HUNT The RPC has put together two Railyard-themed Scavenger Hunts - one for the littles and one for the teens and ‘tweens. The Scavenger Hunt for the younger