FutureClear is a Brooklyn based collective creating environments that support community. We build platforms to draw and elevate people with vast skills, ideas and creative talents. We use space to act as testing grounds for the formation of new ways of living and interacting. Focused on one motivated unit that works and plays now for a brilliant, Clear Future.

From July 28 through July 31st 2017 7 artists, architects, performers and musicians will be utilizing their structure to invite the public to participate in various activities occurring throughout their stay at Santa Fe’s Railyard Park.

This summer, a core of 5 people (architects, artists& storytellers), will travel across the USA erecting our mobile Pyramid in different locations and interacting with local communities.  Our 20′ x 20′ Pyramid honors the energy that moves through all living things while functioning as a tool to harness collectivity.  A unique structure in today’s world, simply by existing it is able to break through normative processes dictated by the design of our everyday infrastructure, inviting variant expressions of human nature.  More information about the tour here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/Q2iikfQgtKVbp/ .

We set up the Pyramid to witness interactions that occur around and within it.  Through a state of spontaneous integration, we are curious how each instance will create its own story.  Our intention for the project is to create spaces for collective human experience and dialogue.  We hope to inspire and remind people of our shared humanity.  Tea ceremony will be facilitated each day at noon (if acceptable by Railyard)- as a way to activate the space and engage pedestrians with the installation.