Hope Dies Last by Christine Sullivan was on display in the Railyard Park from January 6th – March 14th, 2022

HOPE DIES LAST: A Tribute to Studs Terkel and American Activists, By: Christine Sullivan

The quote: “Hope Dies Last“ was spoken by Jessie de la Cruz, a former field worker who organized the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez and was its first female recruiter. She was an activist till her death at 93 and immortalized by Studs Terkel in his book, titled after de la Cruz’s indelible words.

In his book, Terkel tells us, “Hope has never trickled down. It has always sprung up.” He then relays a collection of oral histories by Americans from all walks of life and their never-ending hope in the spirit of activism, commitment and the determination to resist.

In the same way, this felt banner will inevitably persevere. It will stretch and sag due to time and weather but it will remain here as further proof that this simple yet powerful word — HOPE — will not die. With each passing day, it will act as a visual testament to our collective, indefatigable spirit.