By Lindsay Brenner

Constructed entirely on site from locally sourced plant material, Lindsay Brenner’s Human Bird Nest combined themes of sanctuary, rebirth and ecological resilience, offering visitors a nurturing space to develop and expand ideas for positive growth. “This project involves an introspective process during creation and interaction after being built,” noted Brenner. “As the parent birds build a nest for their young, a sacrificial effort has taken place to create a safe and comfortable place for the eggs to develop and hatch. As an artist, I wanted to create something similar for the human viewer, a sacred space of comfort, nurturing and imagination.”

Human Bird Nest was partially funded by the City of Santa Fe’s Arts & Culture Commission and the 1% Lodgers’ Tax. It ran from April 22nd-July 31st of 2023.


On June 10th, 2023 the Railyard Park Conservancy hosted The Great Cluster Flock – a community celebration of the Human Bird Nest – in collaboration with artist Lindsay Brenner, musical group Glorieta Pines, Wise Fool New Mexico, The Conservation Carnivale, Erin on Stilts and Party Up! Face Painting.

Photos courtesy of Diego Mesones