szalt – smallstrangething

szalt is a collection of Los Angeles movers, collaborating with musicians and visual artists artistically led by dancer and choreographer, Stephanie Zaletel. In 2017, they embarked on their first tour through Seattle, New York, Italy and Santa Fe’s Railyard Park.

In June 2017, szalt dance co. created a site-specific corpse style dance performance that was built specifically for the Railyard Park. They incorporated live acoustic sound to accompany the dance. The performances were intended to have an installation feel and engage the public in critical thought and conversations about themselves in the context of their own and other people’s histories, cultures, and communities.

Santa Fe based Place Projects creates opportunities for people to be curious, creative, strong, and strange through group exploration and spectacle. Our aim is to cultivate communities of people who are actively using their minds and bodies to build lives of perpetual inquiry and growth.