Ever wonder how the Railyard Park gardens operate and thrive? Learn about the specialized horticultural care and maintenance of the landscapes, gardens and plants, and some of the people that make it happen!

Day One:

To jumpstart our “Explore Your Park” month we’re highlighting some lesser known facts about the park and giving a special feature on “Horticultural Care.” If you look hard enough, you might be able to find the park’s time capsule! Hint, start your search over by the Rail Gardens.

Day Two:

The Railyard Park Conservancy originated as the Railyard Stewards back in 2008. Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services to include more of our community members. As we invite you to “Explore Your Park” this month, we’d like to thank all our friends (from goats to humans!) for their hard work and dedication in caring for the horticultural aspects of the Railyard Park.

Day Three:

The Yardmaster volunteers make our park beautiful! Learn about the benefits of volunteering in the park from one of our longtime Yardmasters, Bob!

Day Four:

One of the many gardens maintained by our staff and volunteers is the Rail Gardens! Each distinct pathway and planting alignment celebrates the history of the site. The plants in rail gardens are a mix of drought tolerant native and non-native plants chosen for their year round presence. Can you identify any of the plants pictured?

Day Five:

In 2019, volunteers contributed over 3600 hours of gardening in the Railyard Park and the RPC hosted over 200 garden volunteer sessions. Youth volunteers contributed to 62% of the total hours! Here’s a sampling of our variety of awesome youth volunteers:

  • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps’ Youth Conservation Crew after clearing 10 years of sediment from the Waffle Garden’s Acequia last summer.
  • The Masters Program student volunteers weeding the community garden fence line.
  • Clementine – a young volunteer who works with her parents and neighbors cleaning up at the new Acequia Underpass.
  • Local families weeding in the waffle garden ahead of last summer’s outdoor movie night.
  • New Mexico School of the Deaf students maintaining the Community Garden’s compost pile with food scraps from the Farmer’s Market.
  • The Master’s Program Charter School volunteers thinning irises and replanting bare spots in the Rail Gardens.
  • Large church group staying at Glorieta Camps loading tools into the RPC shed.

Interested in helping out? Email peggyjoy@railyardpark.org