Human Bird Nest – 2023

HUMAN BIRD NEST By Lindsay Brenner Constructed entirely on site from locally sourced plant material, Lindsay Brenner’s Human Bird Nest combined themes of sanctuary, rebirth and ecological resilience, offering visitors a nurturing space to develop and expand ideas for positive growth. “This project involves an introspective process during creation and interaction

Hope Dies Last – 2022

HOPE DIES LAST Hope Dies Last by Christine Sullivan was on display in the Railyard Park from January 6th - March 14th, 2022 HOPE DIES LAST: A Tribute to Studs Terkel and American Activists, By: Christine Sullivan The quote: “Hope Dies Last“ was spoken by Jessie de la Cruz, a former

Urban Ecologies – 2021

URBAN ECOLOGIES PUBLIC ART INSTALLATION A Living Laboratory of Eco-centric Artworks Arrives in the Railyard Park! As the cold of winter softens into spring, the Railyard Park Conservancy, Railyard Art Project, and Art Park 21 invite the restless and curious to explore a new multi-artist exhibition in the Railyard Park. Opening

Grass Ballet – 2019

GRASS BALLET Grass Ballet by Owen William Fritts The Grass Ballet sculptures are inspired by the movement of wind through fields of grasses, motion appearing as waves through water. Grass Ballet sculptures capture this through height, slenderness and kinetic movement. The blades taper and flow into the sky pulling ones gaze

Longview – 2019

LONGVIEW Longview by Don Kennell stood in the Railyard Park from June 12 - September 13, 2019. Don Kennell's "Longview," a 35-foot tall polar bear made from car hoods, was unveiled during the second annual Interplanetary Festival in the Railyard Park thanks to Santa Fe Institute. The sculpture was

The Choreography of Us – 2019

THE CHOREOGRAPHY OF US “The Choreography of Us”, by Eliseo Ortiz, was an outdoor game which took place during Currents New Media 2019 Opening Weekend. The Rules of the Game: Two participants are invited to fly drones simultaneously. The drones are tied together by a string. The first level of the game consists in

Art & Poetry Geocache – 2018

Art & Poetry Geocache by Miriam Sagan and Isabel Winson-Sagan Maternal Mitochondria, made up of mother-daughter duo Miriam Sagan and Isabal Winson-Sagan created a site-specific installation of poetry and Suminagashi (paper marbling) in the Railyard Park. The Railyard Park was host to a workshop, which was free and

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